The Book of Song of Solomon

The Holy Bible, Young's Literal Translation

Song of Solomon Top 10 Popular Verses

4:4 As the tower of David [is] thy neck, built for an armoury, The chief of the shields are hung on it, All shields of the mighty.

2:7 I have adjured you, daughters of Jerusalem, By the roes or by the hinds of the field, Stir not up nor wake the love till she please!

4:9 Thou hast emboldened me, my sister-spouse, Emboldened me with one of thine eyes, With one chain of thy neck.

7:12 We lodge in the villages, we go early to the vineyards, We see if the vine hath flourished, The sweet smelling-flower hath opened. The pomegranates have blossomed, There do I give to thee my loves;

6:7 As the work of the pomegranate [is] thy temple behind thy veil.

6:8 Sixty are queens, and eighty concubines, And virgins without number.

6:2 My beloved went down to his garden, To the beds of the spice, To delight himself in the gardens, and to gather lilies.

7:6 How fair and how pleasant hast thou been, O love, in delights.

6:3 I [am] my beloved's, and my beloved [is] mine, Who is delighting himself among the lilies.

7:5 Thy head upon thee as Carmel, And the locks of thy head as purple, The king is bound with the flowings!

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