The Book of Psalms

The Holy Bible, Young's Literal Translation

Psalms Top 10 Popular Verses

133:3 As dew of Hermon -- That cometh down on hills of Zion, For there Jehovah commanded the blessing -- Life unto the age!

37:4 And delight thyself on Jehovah, And He giveth to thee the petitions of thy heart.

133:2 As the good oil on the head, Coming down on the beard, the beard of Aaron, That cometh down on the skirt of his robes,

37:19 They are not ashamed in a time of evil, And in days of famine they are satisfied.

149:3 They praise His name in a dance, With timbrel and harp sing praise to Him.

46:6 Troubled have been nations, Moved have been kingdoms, He hath given forth with His voice, earth melteth.

88:10 To the dead dost Thou do wonders? Do Rephaim rise? do they thank Thee? Selah.

135:20 O house of Levi, bless ye Jehovah, Those fearing Jehovah, bless ye Jehovah.

26:12 My foot hath stood in uprightness, In assemblies I bless Jehovah!

16:6 Lines have fallen to me in pleasant places, Yea, a beauteous inheritance [is] for me.

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