The Book of Proverbs

The Holy Bible, Young's Literal Translation

Proverbs Top 10 Popular Verses

3:5 Trust unto Jehovah with all thy heart, And unto thine own understanding lean not.

3:6 In all thy ways know thou Him, And He doth make straight thy paths.

18:23 [With] supplications doth the poor speak, And the rich answereth fierce things.

28:21 To discern faces is not good, And for a piece of bread doth a man transgress.

5:17 Let them be to thee for thyself, And not to strangers with thee.

1:5 (The wise doth hear and increaseth learning, And the intelligent doth obtain counsels.)

3:11 Chastisement of Jehovah, my son, despise not, And be not vexed with His reproof,

20:19 A revealer of secret counsels is the busybody, And for a deceiver [with] his lips make not thyself surety.

18:4 Deep waters [are] the words of a man's mouth, The fountain of wisdom [is] a flowing brook.

11:15 Evil [one] suffereth when he hath been surety [for] a stranger, And whoso is hating suretyship is confident.

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