The Book of Habakkuk

The Holy Bible, Young's Literal Translation

Habakkuk Top 10 Popular Verses

3:10 Seen thee -- pained are mountains, An inundation of waters hath passed over, Given forth hath the deep its voice, High its hands it hath lifted up.

3:4 And the brightness is as the light, He hath rays out of His hand, And there -- the hiding of His strength.

3:8 Against rivers hath Jehovah been wroth? Against rivers [is] Thine anger? Against the sea [is] Thy wrath? For Thou dost ride on Thy horses -- Thy chariots of salvation?

1:5 Look ye on nations, and behold and marvel greatly. For a work He is working in your days, Ye do not believe though it is declared.

3:9 Utterly naked Thou dost make Thy bow, Sworn are the tribes -- saying, `Pause!' [With] rivers Thou dost cleave the earth.

3:14 Thou hast pierced with his staves the head of his leaders, They are tempestuous to scatter me, Their exultation [is] as to consume the poor in secret.

3:1 A prayer of Habakkuk the prophet concerning erring ones:

3:16 I have heard, and my belly trembleth, At the noise have my lips quivered, Rottenness doth come into my bones, And in my place I do tremble, That I rest for a day of distress, At the coming up of the people, he overcometh it.

3:5 Before Him goeth pestilence, And a burning flame goeth forth at His feet.

3:12 In indignation Thou dost tread earth, In anger Thou dost thresh nations.

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