The Book of Ecclesiastes

The Holy Bible, Young's Literal Translation

Ecclesiastes Top 10 Popular Verses

4:8 There is one, and there is not a second; even son or brother he hath not, and there is no end to all his labour! His eye also is not satisfied with riches, and [he saith not], `For whom am I labouring and bereaving my soul of good?' This also is vanity, it is a sad travail.

10:5 There is an evil I have seen under the sun, As an error that goeth out from the ruler,

4:3 And better than both of them [is] he who hath not yet been, in that he hath not seen the evil work that hath been done under the sun.

7:5 Better to hear a rebuke of a wise man, Than [for] a man to hear a song of fools,

3:18 I said in my heart concerning the matter of the sons of man that God might cleanse them, so as to see that they themselves [are] beasts.

10:11 If the serpent biteth without enchantment, Then there is no advantage to a master of the tongue.

1:1 Words of a preacher, son of David, king in Jerusalem:

6:4 For in vanity he came in, and in darkness he goeth, and in darkness his name is covered,

10:19 For mirth they are making a feast, And wine maketh life joyful, And the silver answereth with all.

6:6 And though he had lived a thousand years twice over, yet good he hath not seen; to the same place doth not every one go?

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