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Romans Top 10 Popular Verses

12:5 So we, though we are a number of persons, are one body in Christ, and are dependent on one another;

12:1 For this reason I make request to you, brothers, by the mercies of God, that you will give your bodies as a living offering, holy, pleasing to God, which is the worship it is right for you to give him.

10:3 Because, not having knowledge of God's righteousness, and desiring to give effect to their righteousness, they have not put themselves under the righteousness of God.

10:9 Because, if you say with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and have faith in your heart that God has made him come back from the dead, you will have salvation:

10:5 For Moses says that the man who does the righteousness which is of the law will get life by it.

10:15 And how will there be preachers if they are not sent? As it is said, How beautiful are the feet of those who give the glad news of good things.

12:10 Be kind to one another with a brother's love, putting others before yourselves in honour;

10:13 Because, Whoever will give worship to the name of the Lord will get salvation.

12:20 But if one who has hate for you is in need of food or of drink, give it to him, for in so doing you will put coals of fire on his head.

12:13 Giving to the needs of the saints, ready to take people into your houses.

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