The Book of Numbers

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32:21 Every armed man of you going across Jordan before the Lord till he has overcome and sent in flight all who are against him,

36:8 And every daughter owning property in any tribe of the children of Israel is to be married to one of the family of her father's tribe, so that every man of the children of Israel may keep the heritage of his fathers.

12:16 After that, the people went on from Hazeroth and put up their tents in the waste land of Paran.

9:4 And Moses gave orders to the children of Israel to keep the Passover.

12:7 My servant Moses is not so; he is true to me in all my house:

8:22 And then the Levites went in to do their work in the Tent of meeting before Aaron and his sons: all the orders which the Lord had given Moses about the Levites were put into effect.

17:4 And let them be stored up in the Tent of meeting, in front of the ark of witness where I come to you.

5:16 And the priest will make her come near and put her before the Lord;

3:39 All the Levites numbered by Moses and Aaron at the order of the Lord, all the males of one month old and over numbered in the order of their families, were twenty-two thousand.

8:1 And the Lord said to Moses,

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