The Book of 1 Samuel

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1 Samuel Top 10 Popular Verses

8:1 Now when Samuel was old, he made his sons judges over Israel.

12:13 Here, then, is the king marked out by you: the Lord has put a king over you.

19:19 And word was given to Saul that David was at Naioth in Ramah.

12:18 So Samuel made prayer to the Lord; and the Lord sent thunder and rain that day: and all the people were in fear of the Lord and of Samuel.

13:21 For they had instruments for putting an edge on their ploughs and blades and forks and axes, and for putting iron points on their ox-driving rods.

12:12 And when you saw that Nahash, the king of the Ammonites, was coming against you, you said to me, No more of this; we will have a king for our ruler: when the Lord your God was your king.

26:7 So David and Abishai came down to the army by night: and Saul was sleeping inside the ring of carts with his spear planted in the earth by his head: and Abner and the people were sleeping round him.

2:32 And never again will there be an old man in your family.

26:1 And the Ziphites came to Saul at Gibeah, and said, Is not David waiting secretly near us in the hill of Hachilah, before the waste land?

30:9 So David went, and his six hundred men went with him, and they came to the stream Besor.

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